Handmade Stoneware Pottery
Each piece is unique and cannot be replicated
Stoneware Pottery Integrated with Traditional Cordillera Rattan and Bamboo Crafts
Made in Sagada from local materials
Functional artworks for display or use
Designs inspired by traditional Cordillera culture

One-of-a-kind artworks handcrafted from local materials in Sagada, Mt. Province

Designs inspired by the landscape and indigenous culture of the Cordillera.

The Gallery

New Items

My latest output, fresh from the kiln. If you're a regular visitor and you want to see what's new, click here!


Who doesn’t love a handcrafted mug?

Hairy Vessels

Standing or hanging pots in a unique original design, evoking the roots and flames of the Cordillera.


Large or small, everyone uses them and everyone wants one!


The Gusi is a pot traditionally used in the Cordillera for fermenting rice wine.

Pitchers and Vases

These graceful vessels come in all sizes and make elegant additions to your home.


Works of sculpture, both free standing and merged with traditional wheel-thrown pottery.

Jars and Containers

These practical pieces combine utility and beauty in a single package!

Long-Necked Jars

These graceful vessels are two pieces in one.

Teapots and Tea Sets

These highly functional pieces are perennial market favorites.

Plates and Platters

Ideal for serving or eating, these plates and platters bring the beauty of stoneware to your table!

Sale Items

Some have slight cosmetic flaws, others just need a loving home. All are marked down. Ask for details!

The Artist

Siegrid Bangyay started making stoneware pottery at age 21 and has practiced the craft for over 20 years, using local clay and glaze ingredients that she gathers and mixes herself. Siegrid’s designs are drawn from indigenous Cordillera culture and elements from the natural environment of the surrounding mountains. Her work has been displayed in over 20 exhibits, including shows at the Ayala museum, the Pinto Gallery, the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia, USA, and many others.