The Gallery


Who doesn’t love a handcrafted mug?


Large or small, everyone uses them and everyone wants one!

Teapots and Tea Sets

These highly functional pieces are perennial market favorites.

Pitchers and Vases

Whether for pouring water or holding flowers...


The Gusi is a pot traditionally used in the Cordillera for fermenting rice wine.


They are guardian pieces, traditionally carved from wood, that ward off evil spirits, often placed in a granary or a room where a child sleeps.

Long-Necked Jars

These graceful vessels are two pieces in one. The bottom is a closed jar.

Jars & Containers

These practical pieces combine utility and beauty in a single package!

Hairy Vessels

Standing or hanging pots in a unique original design, evoking the roots and flames of the Cordillera

Plates & Platters

Ideal for serving or eating, these plates and platters bring the beauty of stoneware to your table!