how to order

Because I’m based in Sagada, shipping and payment systems can be a little complicated. These complications have been multiplied by the COVID-19 situation, which has placed many restrictions on the movement of people and products. We can still make ways to receive payments and ship products.

I can accept payment by PayPal, direct deposit to a PNB account, GCash, or Western Union. I’ll try to add payment methods as we go along. Unfortunately I cannot accept credit card payments at this time.

When you click the “order” button on the piece you want, a form will come up requesting shipping and payment information. We will then email you to confirm payment arrangements and provide shipping details.

If you’d like to order multiple products you can contact me directly instead of filling out a repeat form for each product. You can also contact me with special orders, but please be aware that custom orders may take several months to deliver due to the extended drying time required to make new pieces. The nature of the stoneware process also makes it impossible to deliver identical sets of anything: pieces can be similar but there will always be differences. Breakage is also a normal part of the drying and firing process: not all pieces survive. That can affect delivery of special orders.

We have no access to courier services, but I can move products through the “paw-it” system that Sagadans use to send things to other Sagadans. I usually ship products to my brother in Manila, who arranges local couriers for delivery.

I know it’s a little complicated and I apologize for that. It’s just the reality of living and working in a remote place, especially during a pandemic!

Thanks for understanding and thanks for supporting local crafts!